Welcome to 2017 and welcome back to My Dear Watson’s monthly newsletter!

I’m Maegan Watson, I’m the founder of My Dear Watson, and the woman who will be writing you each month. 
Many of you know me very well but for those of you who don’t, I’d like to introduce myself and share a bit that may make my methods and writing a bit more clear.
I began chasing success (or avoiding failure) long before I started my freshman year at the University of Illinois College of Business. However, it was the drive of my peers and the prestige of my professors that fueled an innate and dangerous quality that I have now come to love. I call it my fire. 
At it’s best, my fire is an innocuous drive that pulses through my veins allowing me to conquer and complete whatever harebrained idea that pops into my head-  like completing my undergraduate career in three years, choosing a mixed method exploratory study for my graduate thesis, and choosing to launch a new website just a few days before my son was born.  
At it’s worst, my fire consumes my faith and intuition and leads to a fear-driven existence of panic attacks, exhaustion, and close relationships with a variety of doctors. 
It’s been years since I’ve let my fire get the best of me but that’s only because I’ve come to acknowledge its existence. I’ve accepted that it’s a part of me, and that I must be conscious, compassionate, and willing to surrender whenever, like any fire blowing out of control, it turns from warmth and energy to destruction. 
Last year was an incredible year for my family and business. We moved to Telluride, Colorado a mountain town we fell immediately in love with. We all traveled to places we longed to go. We successfully launched a new virtual styling program that clients not only loved, but created the freedom I desperately needed to be a working mom. 
As we start this beautiful year together I want to take a moment to focus on a concept that hadn’t occurred to me until late last year. From an antonym perspective being determined to succeed and being determined not to fail appear to be in clear opposition.
But really, how different are they? If you’re determined not to fail won’t the unavoidable outcome be success? Maybe, but as I reflected on these two concepts I realized that my drive towards success was being gravely mistaken for my determination not to fail. 
You see, my fire tends to need a little fuel and one thing my sneaky subconscious knows well is that my fire will consume fear like a forest fire consumes a dead evergreen.
My mind found the fear it needed through my constant determination not to fail. 
Like I mentioned, it hasn’t been long since I made the switch from avoiding failure to being determined to succeed, but since I have this is what I’ve learned:
Having a determination to succeed requires far less energy. It doesn’t carry the same 50 ton vest that you put on every day when you’re avoiding failure. 
The best part- it opens up the abyss of choice, self-evaluation, and endless ways to define your own success. 
At this point, I’ll share my definition of success because it will certainly be the thing that inspires you to follow along and join our mission, or simply opt-out, which is just as well. 
To me, success is when I allow myself to be guided everyday by opportunity and self love. It’s honoring the humble feeling that my gifts are not my own but bestowed upon me to support and serve other people. Success will always be taking radical care of myself because if I’m not well I’m no good to those who need me most. Success is self love in times when it is so hard to love myself because I know that I can only love my family to the extent that I love myself. Success is seeing opportunities and gifts amongst a drowning flood of problems. 
Success is being vulnerable, practicing gratitude, and making sure every single thought, action, word and decision comes from a place of love and not fear. 

I want to add that it is my daily vow to honor these ideals and to thank you for allowing me to share them with you. 
I truly wish you a safe, healthy, and joy-filled year,
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