This page is important so be sure to bookmark it on your computer and smartphone for easy access.  Here you will find all the instructions you will need while you work with us, and it will eventually be the home of your Lookbook!  

Steps to be completed before your Wardrobe Workshop

+ Step 1- Complete your intake forms

Intake forms are to be completed at least 72 hours prior to your wardrobe workshop.
Personal Inquiry form
Some of the exercises in this form require pen, paper and a quiet mind. I recommend scheduling a block of time with yourself to hide away in a quiet room for completion. Nighttime, after everyone has gone to bed can be a great time!
Image Inquiry Form

+ Step 2- Wardrobe Workshop with Maegan!

The My Dear Watson Wardrobe Workshop is hosted on Zoom.

1) A few minutes before your call click here to hop on our chat. If you haven't downloaded Zoom you will be prompted to do so.
2) Be ready to try-on a few clothing items for me. This helps tremendously so I can better understand sizing and any unique wardrobe preferences that don’t always come out when filling out our intake forms.
**We highly recommend that you chat from a computer vs a smart phone (the quality is much better and as a result our chat will be better too!)

If you need any support with setting up Zoom please contact and we will help you through it.