My Dear Watson Brand Ambassador


In our line of work we interact with all kinds of Men and women but most commonly they are moms who:

  • Are constantly improving themselves

  • Run their family like a business

  • Work at an executive level

  • Have high disposable income

  • Frequently attend events, dinners, and vacation

  • Delegate services to professionals for things like...

Do you have women like this in your network? We know that they will love our service and we can make a big impact on their lives.  Here’s what one of our client’s said recently:

“This program was literally (I know that word is overused on the Internet these days, but I actually mean it here in the correct way!) life-changing. I went from endless staring at the clothes in my closet, crying when nothing fit right, and being late to every social engagement we had to getting dressed quickly in clothes I love, feel comfortable in, and get me compliments every time I leave the house. My husband is THRILLED that the crying, etc., has stopped, and we can even enjoy each other’s company so much better now - we leave on time for events, we have time for a drink together beforehand; we actually have more fun with each other because of this program.”


So what does it mean to be a My Dear Watson Brand Ambassador?

After being interviewed and selected to be a brand ambassador you will:

  • Go through an effective online training to help you learn everything about MDW so you can talk about MDW as easily as you talk about your own children!

  • You’ll be paid for every client you send our way and the more you send the more you earn!

  • We’ll work together and coach you so that you are 100% confident referring our services and are EXCITED to share!


Wait a second. Is this a sales position?

You can call it sales, marketing or whatever you want really. We aren’t referring to it as sales because when we think of sales an image of a greasy guy in a bad suit selling snake oil comes to mind.  We are looking for people who after learning about what we do, believe in it so much that they want to share it with people they know because they believe it will improve their lives.  That doesn’t sound like sales to us, it sounds like someone sharing a product or service with people they know- just like when you recommend a restaurant, dentist, or any other service provider.

The only “selling” you do is simply talk about our services with people who are a good fit to work with us.  We won’t have you making cold calls or getting contracts signed. You just talk about us and when people are interested (and they will be!) you send them our way.  


So what kind of money can I make?

You’ll receive about 10% of the program price (more or less depending on the program).  Plus you’ll earn a bonus of $1000 for every 10 programs purchased (we'll layout more details once you get started)

Here’s an example:

10 people you refer purchase our “Whole Shebang” program (this is our most popular)

You receive 10% of the program price PLUS the $1000 bonus. You make $6400!

You can do the math, that is over $500/month this year if you refer just 10 people.  

There is a misconception that working with with a stylist/wardrobe consultant is only for celebrities!! Everyone can benefit from this service and I think in the end, I have saved money, time and frustration over shopping and dressing. Whether you are a busy stay-at-home mom like me, or president of your company...this service will bring an ease to your life and leave you the time to pursue the things you really love.

This position is for you if: