This group is for women who want support with wardrobe. Whether that’s one-on-one support with a member of our team or learning the tools to do it yourself, this group is here to help you discover and dress the best, bravest, and most confident version of yourself.



  1. Be positive (about yourself and others)! We want this group to be a safe environment for you to share without judgement or shame about yourself, your body, or other people. For example, instead of “I have fat thighs which cut of jean is best for me?” Rephrase the question like this: “I am looking for a great pair of jeans but I have some sensitivity surrounding my thighs. Is there a particular brand or cut of jean that is more flattering to my figure?”

  2. We encourage you to engage with the women in the group. However, we want to make sure that our members receive only the professional and thoughtful responses curated by our wonderful team of stylists and based on your member profile forms. So, we ask that members refrain from offering their own advice or responses to the questions posted by other group members. But please, please praise!

  3. Please no promotions (blogs, MLMs, or businesses of any kind).


To help everyone get the most out of the group we ask that you post under the following categories:


Engage! As a company we embrace wholehearted living and embrace the power to be vulnerable. There is NEVER any judgement here. EVERY woman struggles with what to wear and how to feel confident. We want to cultivate and curate a community based on support and open mindedness.


Ask us anything! From styling questions (what to wear to a specific event) or closet questions (you have a GREAT tweed blazer but have no idea what to wear it with), or whatever! We are here to provide one-on-one, support for ANY styling, shopping, or wardrobe questions you may have.

What makes a good question?  It’s specific!  The more information you give the better a response we can give you. For example, “I am looking for something to wear to my conference next week” is pretty vague, we need more details: “I am looking for a white blazer to wear to my conference in Dallas next week. I have a great navy shift dress I’d like to pair with it” (with a picture if possible) is SO much more specific. We understand that these types of questions require a little more work to get started, but save so much time in the end because we can provide more meaningful shopping advice to bring you perfect items you will actually love and wear.


We want to keep the energy in this group supportive and positive! If you are feeling the love, let us know! If you love what another member is sharing let them know :)

(Here's an example...)



Posting works like this: post to the group your Share, Ask or Praise. To keep our group centered and meaningful we will allow the questions that are most beneficial to be posted for the whole group to see. You will receive an answer or response as a comment to your post. If you do not see your post on the group don’t worry! You will receive a private message answering your question.