This program was literally (I know that word is overused on the Internet these days, but I actually mean it here in the correct way!) life-changing. I went from endless staring at the clothes in my closet, crying when nothing fit right, and being late to every social engagement we had to getting dressed quickly in clothes I love, feel comfortable in, and get me compliments every time I leave the house. My husband is THRILLED that the crying, etc., has stopped, and we can even enjoy each other’s company so much better now - we leave on time for events, we have time for a drink together beforehand; we actually have more fun with each other because of this program.
Working with WSG has actually given me the gift of time. I get dressed faster, I have more time to deal with my kids, more time to spend with my husband, I spend little to no time doing any shopping for myself anymore, and I never find myself rushing around the day of an event to grab something, anything that fits from whatever store I can make it to at the last minute. The only problem I have when I get dressed now is that I sometimes can’t decide between the outfits Maegan has styled for me - I have never in my entire life had the problem of having too many great outfits to wear. It’s a fantastic problem to have.
I have loved working with WSG. They are extremely professional, personal, intuitive and have a great eye for not only picking out your clothes but finding looks that really bring out your personality and work with your lifestyle. They have helped me figure out what pieces reflect who I am since what you wear communicates a message!
I absolutely love what you did in the closet, I can’t believe I didn’t have you do this years ago. Please keep pushing me to do these things.
There is a misconception that working with with a stylist/wardrobe consultant is only for celebrities!! Everyone can benefit from this service and I think in the end, I have saved money, time and frustration over shopping and dressing. Whether you are a busy stay-at-home mom like me, or president of your company..this service will bring an ease to your life and leave you the time to pursue the things you really love.
I love having outfits all ready..with accessorries, shoes, handbag...the lookbooks make getting ready so easy....I also love that they do the shopping and everything is done from the ease of my home.
Maegan is a rock star and helped me with my personal/professional brand so this could carry through in my wardrobe.
Work with WSG and you will be amazed at how they enhance your personal and professional presence in the world.
They’re a DREAM to work with, they makes sure they understand you and your life and then produces clothes that magically transforms not just your closet but your life. I’m not exaggerating, but I can see how it seems like I am. It’s just that good.
The way they start by understanding WHO you are and WHAT your life is like and then picks out clothes that fit you and your lifestyle is what every single retailer is missing in attempting to sell clothes, especially to women. When I first heard about this program, I thought that it would be about fashion, and it isn’t about fashion at all. It’s about me and what clothes I need to look and feel right for the life I lead.
I was not overwhelmed by the recommendations but I was overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of work that you did for me!  I can’t thank you enough nor adequately express how thankful and appreciative I am! I am in Florida accepting all the artistic and style praise that you deserve.  
I packed in less than 10 minutes. You should charge me more money for all the ways you are changing my life. When Jen was telling me about what you do I was bouncing up and down, and I was in the car so I was really excited, well its 100 times better than what she described.