A My Dear Watson Wardrobe Workshop is the easiest, most effective, and budget-friendly way to start building your dream wardrobe


How it works

You don’t have to know what you want or need; we’ll figure that out together. This isn’t me saying ‘oh, this is your body type you should wear this” because any online styling quiz can tell you that. This is me synthesizing all of your frustrations and all of your desires to create outfits that are custom for you.  


We spend a little bit of time video chatting to get to know each other and co-create your dream image.  I take ALL of the guesswork out of getting dressed by not only showing you exactly what works for your style, body-type, and life but also telling you where to buy it and how to wear it.  


This YOUR wardrobe solution if you...

  • Don’t like to shop but still want to look great everyday
  • Are comfortable placing online orders from a few different stores
  • Want to stop wasting time on shopping and money on clothing you don’t wear
  • Value a functional, high-quality wardrobe that allows you to focus on what really matters like family, fulfilling work, and fun!


Exactly what you get

  • Expert style creation- this is SUPER fun!
  • A personal web page of styled outfits with links to purchase your items
  • One-on-one wardrobe support- I (a human) will be styling you (a human)


Why people LOVE THIS

  • No more scrolling through websites or running to the store to find something last-minute
  • I shop anywhere and everywhere to find the perfect pieces for you
  • I shop premium brands but rarely, if ever, pay premium prices