Try-On Session, Unpacking, Returns/exchanges

Unpack boxes as they come in if possible.  You will get a lot of boxes and have a bunch of recycling. This makes the process easier

Save all shipping labels and receipts. Save original packaging for items like shoes & jewelry. Don't worry about the plastic packaging from clothing. Just remember that we may return some items.  

As you unpack make a separate pile of shoes, clothes, outerwear, and accessories. 

Once everything has arrived, watch (or re-watch) the try-on video Maegan sent to you.  This will help you through your try-on session. 

Next, you will separate your clothing, shoes, etc. into your capsules. (ex: 1 pile for "everyday capsule" 1 pile for "work capsule" etc.)

You will then begin to try-on your clothing in capsules, paying attention to details Maegan gives in your try-on video.  

As you try on clothing have your computer near by and fill out the feedback form & take pictures of yourself in the outfits Maegan has requested. 

When items don't fit (and some won't! it is just apart of the process) make a pile of returns/exchanges.

Place all of your keepers in your closet in capsules (keep your capsules separate in your closet to make getting dressed super easy).   

Returns/Exchanges with My Dear Watson are super easy. 

1) Find a box that will fit all of your returns. 

2) Make a note in the feedback form as to why you are returning/exchanging (too big, too small, etc)

3) Place ALL shipping labels & receipts from ALL of your shipments in the box. (That way you don't have to sort through them, let us do that!)

4) Place all of your returns & exchanges in the box including original packaging (for items like shoes & jewelry. Don't worry about the plastic packaging from clothing)

5) Seal the box up tight and place the label provided by us on the box & be sure to include your return address. 

6) Schedule a USPS pick up here.  You don't have to leave your house! Schedule the pick up, let USPS know where you will leave the package (front door, back porch, etc.) and they will pick it up the next business day. If you would like help with this email Support@MyDearWatson.CO