The My Dear Watson Wardrobe Workshop is hosted by Skype.

If you don’t have Skype you can go here to download before our video chat together.  Please download and make sure Skype is working prior to our call, the video chat over Skype really helps us to get to know each other :)  

Once you have downloaded Skype use the search field to search for “Maegan Watson” (I am located in Chicago, IL and you will see my picture).  Request to add me as a contact and then call me at the time of our call!  

Have access to your closet & be ready to slip on a few items for me.  This helps tremendously so I can better understand sizing and any unique wardrobe preferences that don’t always come out when filling out our intake forms.

**We highly recommend that you chat from a computer vs a smart phone (the quality is much better and as a result our chat will be better too!)    

If you need any support with setting up Skype please contact and we will help you through it.